Earn 30% of Recurring
Lifetime Commissions

Refer people to and earn 30% of monthly recurring revenue for life. Get setup under 2 minutes. Start earning money today

You can earn $720 every month

The calculation is based on monthly price



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Create your affiliate account on our platform, get your affiliate link and customize it.

Share Your Link

Share your affiliate link or promotional code with your friends, followers, or customers.

Earn 30% Commission

You'll earn 30% recurring commission for every new customer you refer, for life.

Passive Income Automatically For Life

Affiliate marketing offers the opportunity to earn even when you're not actively working. Once your link is shared, commissions can be accrued without constant involvement.

Performance-Based Rewards

Your earnings are directly tied to how effectively you promote and drive sales, incentivizing innovative and efficient marketing strategies.

Got questions?

Everything you need to know about our affiliate program

Who's eligible to join the affiliate program?

Our program welcomes everyone, regardless of your audience size or sales experience.

How can I monitor my earnings?

Upon registration, you'll be granted access to a personalized dashboard where you can view stats on visits and transactions made through your affiliate link.

When am I able to request a withdrawal of my earnings?

You're free to request a withdrawal at any point, with no minimum threshold. Transactions are processed through PayPal.

What prerequisites exist for becoming an affiliate?

While we appreciate affiliates who are users of the product, it's not a requirement. However, familiarity with our product can enhance your promotional efforts.

Do you offer support for affiliates?

Absolutely, we're here to back you up. We provide a range of promotional content and materials. We're also open to discussing specific discounts for your referrals.

Is there an earnings cap?

No, the sky's the limit! Whether you refer one or multiple clients, there's no ceiling on your commissions.

Are there any costs associated with becoming an affiliate?

Joining and participating in our affiliate program is entirely free. Moreover, there's no requisite sales threshold to receive your commission.

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Refer people to and earn 30% of monthly recurring revenue for life. Get setup under 2 minutes. Start earning money today.